The Kingdom of Thailand

Name Thananan Wanitlertthanasarn Class 5/9 No.4

ผลการค้นหารูปภาพสำหรับ thailand"

His Majesty the King, Phra Buddha Lertlah Napalai (2352-2367), a son Grown up to the throne as the second reign. He is very interested in art and culture. In both the fine arts and literature, he is regarded as the king, the great artist. Built and renovated temples for a very long time The most important is to please restoration. Salak temple near the former palace, Thonburi side Until a great, beautiful, grandeur became the temple of his reign and bestowed the name Arun Ratchawararam Temple

His signature artist can be seen from the carving of the door. In front of Suthat Temple by himself This exquisite work is currently preserved at the Bangkok National Museum. In addition to the mechanic’s hand Rama 2 also has genius in poetry. Celebrates his important piece, the drama of Adonis and Ramayana



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