Parts of Arduino UNO and Basic components

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Parts of Arduino UNO and Basic components


If  you like experimenting with different electronic components but don’t have sufficient know-how, then Arduino is what you need to make a start…

So what is Arduino?

Arduino is a microcontroller-based open source electronic prototyping board which can be programmed with an easy-to-use Arduino IDE.

In this article, I will talk about what’s on the Arduino UNO board and what it can do. UNO is not the only board in the Arduino family. There are other boards like Arduino Lilypad, Arduino Mini, Arduino Mega, and Arduino Nano. However, the Arduino UNO board became more popular than other boards in the family because it has documentation that is much more detailed. This led to its increased adoption for electronic prototyping, creating a vast community of electronic geeks and hobbyists.

In recent times, the UNO board has become synonymous with Arduino.

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  •  USB connector
  •  Power port
  •  Analog in pins
  •  Digital pins
  •  Reset switch
  •  Crystal oscillator
  •  USB interface chip
  •  TX RX LEDs



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