Scratch Project! The Human Heart Part 3

This post will guide you in your Scratch project. Read carefully!

Finishing your scratch project!

Lesson: Changing the size of your Sprite.

You can change the size you your Sprite by going to Looks–> Change size

Fixing your code!


Step 1:

Add set size to 15 % at the start of your project.

Step 2:

Growing animation. Add repeat then change size to________. 



Step 3:

Finalize your Blue Sprite Code! Example code of my blue Sprite below.

Sprite 1

Sprite 2 (2nd blue sprite)


Step 4:

Add wait______ to your Sprite Red.


Step 5:

Finish your code for the Sprite Red.

Sprite 3 (Red sprite)

Sprite 4 (Duplicated Red sprite)

Step 6:

Don’t forget to share your project.

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