The Best K-POP Song of 2017

     Calling all K-pop fans! With so many catchy K-pop hits and new artists, ranking the best K-pop songs of 2017 is no easy task. In addition to the “Big Three” K-pop music agencies (JYP, YG, and S.M.), smaller agencies like DSP Media, LOEN, Starship, and Big Hit have been pumping out the best K-pop tracks in 2017. Which song is the best of Kpop 2017?

     Although legendary K-pop groups 2NE1 and Wonder Girls have disbanded this year, they each left fans with one final track. K-pop fans shouldn’t stay sad since there are so many great boy and girl groups creating the catchiest Korean music. Twice’s “Knock Knock” achieved the coveted all-kill by topping all of the major music charts in South Korea simultaneously as well as reaching number 5 on the Billboard charts World Digital Songs.

    Featuring the best K-pop songs from groups like AOA, GFriend, Taeyeon, Got7, BTS, Black Pink, Girl’s Day, K.A.R.D., EXID, Red Velvet, Wanna One, Pristin, and more, this list includes the newest Kpop songs in 2017. Stay updated with all the 2017 K-pop comebacks and album releases!

    Vote for the best K-pop songs of 2017. Below, you will find the top K-pop songs with music videos. You can vote for your favorite Kpop hits or vote for underrated K-pop songs that deserve more recognition. Feel free to even add any missing 2017 K-pop songs to this list.  top 100 list


1.Not Today BTS


3.Really Really WINNER

4.Don’t Wanna Cry SEVENTEEN

5.Peek A Boo Red Velvet

6.As If’s your last BLACKPINK

7.Gashina Sunmi

8.Never Ever GOT7

9.Ko Ko Bop EXO

10.Likey TWICE

11.Red Flavor Red velvet

12.Heart Shaker TWICE

13.Energetic Wanna One

14.Don’t Recall K.A.R.D

15.Knock Knock TWICE


17.Palette IU,G-Dragon

18.Beautiful Monsta-X

19.Black Suit Super Junior

20.Dramarama Monsta-X

21.You And Me K.A.R.D


23.Power EXO

24.Signal TWICE

25.Goodbye 2NE1

26.Rumor K.A.R.D

27.Change Rap monster,Wale

28.Rookie Red Velvet

29.Hola Hola K.A.R.D

30.You Are GOT7

31.Fine Taeyeon

32.Limitless NCT 127

33.Fingertip GFriend

34.My Swagger GOT7


36.One More Chance Super Junior

37.Burn It Up Wanna One

38.Move Taemin

39.Plz Don’t Be Sad Highlight

40.Movie BtoB

41.Fool WINNER


43.Baby ASTRO

44.Wee Woo Pristin

45.I Wait Day6

46.Shall We Dance Block B

47.I Got Love Taeyeon

48.Excuse Me AOA

49.Yesterday Block B

50.Downpour I.O.I

51.Chase Me Dreamcatcher

52.Crazy Sexy Cool ASTRO


54.You Were Beautiful Day6

55.Would You Red Velvet

56.Night Rather Than Day EXID

57.Make Me Love You Taeyeon

58.She’s A Baby Zico

59.I Sonamoo

60.Good Night Dreamcatcher

61.How Can I Say Day6

62.Lip&Hip HyunA

63.Don’t Say No Seohyun

64.Cover Up Taeyeon

65.We Like Pristin

66.Okay Jackson Wang

67.O Sole Mio SF9

68.Through The Night IU

69.Easy Love SF9

70.Universe EXO

71.A Girl Like Me Gugudan

72.Summer Rain GFriend

73.Missing You BtoB

74.Where You At NU’EST W

75.I’m Serious Day6

76.Bing Bing AOA

77.Honeymoon B.A.P

78.Fantasy JBJ

79.Between Us CNBLUE

80.Ninano Minzy,Flowsik

81.Wake Me Up Taeyang

82.I Wish WJSN

83.Rollin’ Brave Girl

84.Candy Samuel

85.Trust Me K.A.R.D

86.Like This Pentagon

87.I Loved You Day6

88.This Christmas Taeyeon

89.Love Is Teen Top

90.Coloring Book OH MY GIRL

91.Callin’ A.C.E

92.Heart Attack Chuu(LOONA)

93.Always APink

94.All Alone Day6

95.You, Who Eric Nam,Somi

96.Mysterious Hello Venus

97.The Song Zion.T

98.WoW! Lovelyz

99.Girl Front Loona Odd Eye Circle

100.Hwi Hwi Laboum


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