Top 5 Web Browsers chrome

Google Chrome ( English : Google Chrome ) is a software. Web browser developed by Google first launched in 2008 by the operating system Microsoft Windows before leaving the program to Linux , Mac OS , iOS and Android. Later, Google Chrome is also a core component of Chrome OS,which serves as a home screen for web apps.

Google Chrome is developed from the code of the Chrome Open Source software project , which uses the same symbol but different colors. [9]It has some added features or features, such as the embedding of Adobe Flash Player. George into Chrome (which today is Google. Chrome has developed this feature by using Blink as the rendering engine. The main draw for the screen except the OS also uses webkit as the rendering engine 

2.Mozilla firefox

Mozilla Firefox (or simply Firefox) is a free and open-source[18] web browser developed by Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is available for WindowsmacOSLinux, and BSD[8][9]operating systems. Its sibling, Firefox for Android, is available for Android. Firefox uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards.[19] In 2016, Firefox began incorporating new technology under the code name Quantum to promote parallelism and a more intuitive user interface.[20] An additional version, Firefox for iOS, was released on November 12, 2015, due to platform restrictions, it uses the WebKit layout engine instead of Gecko, as with all other iOS web browsers.

Firefox was created in 2002 under the codename “Phoenix” by the Mozillacommunity members who desired a standalone browser, rather than the Mozilla Application Suite bundle. During its beta phase, Firefox proved to be popular with its testers and was praised for its speed, security, and add-ons compared to Microsoft‘s then-dominant Internet Explorer 6. Firefox was released on November 9, 2004,[21] and challenged Internet Explorer‘s dominance with 60 million downloads within nine months.[22] Firefox is the spiritual successor of Netscape Navigator, as the Mozilla community was created by Netscape in 1998 before their acquisition by AOL.[23]

Firefox usage grew to a peak of 32% at the end of 2009,[24] temporarily making version 3.5 the world’s most popular browser.[25][26] Usage then declined in competition with Google Chrome.[24] As of March 2018, Firefox has 11.6% usage share as a “desktop” browser, according to StatCounter, making it the second most popular such web browser;[27][28][29][30] usageacross all platforms is lower at 5.44% (and then 4th most popular overall). Firefox is still the most popular desktop browser in Cuba (even most popular overall at 62.77%[31]) and Eritrea with 78.3%[32] and 91%[33][34] of the market share, respectively. According to Mozilla, as of December 2014, there were half a billion Firefox users around the world.[35]


Safari (Safari) is a web browser. Developed by Apple Computer for Mac comes with the operating system Mac OS X version 10.3 or later, and Steve Jobs has announced on 11 June 2550 launched Safari for Windowsbut Safari for Windows has. Has been revamped

The look of the safari is a brush metal like the nature. Music playback software Apple Safari second model is called Safari RSS is compatible with Mac OS X version 10.4 or later.

Safari uses a page named WebCore derived from the name of a page webkit the subsequent development of KHTML as part of a free software project is very good.

4.internet exporelorer

Windows Internet Explorer ( English : the Windows of Internet Explorer, ) (formerly known as Microsoft Internet Explorer ) with the symbol IEC (IE) is a web browser of Microsoft. software and software provided with. Operating Systems Windows

IE is one of the most popular web browsers. In 2002, Web browsers accounted for about 95% of the web browser market, and were down due to increasing competition. About 46% in 2011, the latest version is. Internet Explorer 11, which is available for Windows 7 , and Windows Server 2008, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, and Windows 10. [1] [2] [3] [4]

The version of Internet Explorer for other operating systems are as diverse as Internet Explorer Mobile rubles for mobile phones and smartphone developed on the basis of Internet Explorer 7. in Windows phone 7 and Windows CE also has several models developed to such a stop. Internet Explorer for Mac Exxon for Solaris and HP – Unix .


Opera (Italian: [ˈɔːpera]; English plural: operas; Italian plural: opere[ˈɔːpere]) is a form of theatre in which music has a leading role and the parts are taken by singers.[1] Such a “work” (the literal translation of “opera”) is typically a collaboration between a composer and a librettist[2] and incorporates a number of the performing arts, such as actingscenerycostumes, and sometimes dance or ballet. The performance is typically given in an opera house, accompanied by an orchestra or smaller musical ensemble, which since the early 19th century has been led by a conductor.

Opera is a key part of the Western classical music tradition.[3]Originally understood as an entirely sung piece, in contrast to a play with songs, opera has come to include numerous genres, including some that include spoken dialogue such as musical theaterSingspieland Opéra comique. In traditional number opera, singers employ two styles of singing: recitative, a speech-inflected style[4] and self-contained arias. The 19th century saw the rise of the continuous music drama.

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