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Wisdom Perspective of Montfortian Gabrielite Education 23. Montfort sought wisdom on his knees. He acknowledges that it is not necessarily

Wisdom Perspective of Montfortian Gabrielite


23. Montfort sought wisdom on his knees. He

acknowledges that it is not necessarily connected to

learning but basically a gift of God. Nor is it inherited

by the followers of a spiritual guide. So, what we have

inherited is a method of seeking wisdom rather than the

gift of wisdom itself. Hence, we are seekers of wisdom

which is different from knowledge and intelligence.

Most of the educational institutions are knowledge

hubs. The knowledge-based curriculum and

communication-based teaching do not exhaust the

Montfortian vision and mission. While the capacity of

reprocessing the knowledge in the given context, which

is intelligence, is assumed in our education system, the

acquiring of wisdom for a holistic life and mission is

beyond the curriculum. Much has to be done in terms

of upgrading teachers to quality education and creating

space for acquiring intellectual acumen and skill


24. In Montfortian parlance, the concept of wisdom has a

greater connotation as taught by all religious leaders

down through the centuries. All the religious scriptures


are referred to as books of wisdom. It belongs to the

spiritual realm in some way, but connected to life and

action in every sphere. Montfortian education is

integral to this reality (C 95). This interior learning by

methodology, and ‘learning to be’ as an objective,

should make us stand out as formators of leaders of the

Kingdom of God, as children of God forming an

inclusive brotherhood/sisterhood of humankind.

25. From the wisdom perspective, it is important to take

note that the education mission varies from Region to

Region and from Country to Country. For example, the

Pacific Wisdom Studies have to become part of our

educational presence in Oceania where our presence is

small but significant. So is the case with the Buddhist

wisdom literature and the Hindu Vedas, as Montfort did

with the Christian scriptures. The wisdom literatures of

all countries are sources of great enlightenment for

Montfortian education. As Montfortian Disciples of

Christ we need to connect all these wisdoms to

conclude, like Montfort, that wisdom is God and God

is wisdom. How shall we progress in this matter (C 95:

S-95)? The Education Commissions in the Provinces as

well as other such bodies of study and research, could

be task-oriented with performance accountability.

26. The purpose and goal of Montfortian education is

threefold according to the Charter:


a) to learn, understand and love God as Wisdom;

b) to understand and transform oneself in the ways

of wisdom;

c) to become committed to transform society in

obedience to wisdom.

The 21st century globalized and digital world gives

us an achievable opportunity to develop these

aspects of our mission. Appropriate initiatives and

audacious innovations are welcomed from our

Provinces and Institutions in making Montfortian

education a sought-after endeavour, a futuristic



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