Review Mobile Legend Heroes

`Welcome to the MLBB character list. We will be listing all new heroes that show up in the game. In the mean time, each character is designed to fulfill the roles. We have the standard roles of Top, Mid, Jungle and Bottom. And there are also some minor roles such as crowd control, engage, charge, reap, burst damage etc. Click on each hero to find out more about them and their builds. Also check out this awesome MLBB fan site.


Mobile Legends is one of the top-grossing mobile game nowadays. It features 5 vs 5 real-time battles on a classic MOBA maps (which is similar to League of Legends). Teamwork and strategy is of course important to win a battle, but choosing a right character is also a winning factor. In this Mobile Legends Guide, we will show you some of the best heroes by their role.

A total of 41 heroes is available at this moment (end of July), which come from 6 classes – Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman and Support. Every of them has their unique stats and ability, but some of them are stronger than others.

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