The Empire States Mesopotamia/Persia

Name Pisinee Bureecam Class 5/9 No.12



Mesopotamia is an ancient Greek word. Mean  translated as “Between the rivers” (meso = middle + potamia = river) with the implication meaning “The land between the Tigris River and the Euphrates.” The land is part of “Fertile Crescent”, a large semicircular land Curved up from the Mediterranean coast to the Persian Gulf.

Mesopotamia is one of the oldest civilizations in Mesopotamia, meaning the land between the two rivers is The Tigris and Euphrates rivers (Currently, most of the land of Iraq) between the two rivers is a fertile land suitable for cultivation. Causing various ethnic groups to make a living and create civilization Including transferring civilization from one group to another group Resulting in mixed civilization

Mesopotamia is a land of hot and rainy deserts. The water that is received mainly from the river comes from the melting of snow on the mountains in Armenia. The water will blow away the mud that covers both coasts. Makes the soil fertile, suitable for cultivation The overflow of water caused by melting snow has no fixed time limit and sometimes damages the country, the fields, the property and the lives of people. Farming that is effective in this environment requires an efficient irrigation system.

The fertility of the river valley is what attracts people to make a living in this area. But the heat of the air is a detrimental force of the people living, causing them to lack enthusiasm. When there are other invaders, they have to give way to newcomers. Which, after a long period of time, experienced the same conditions, it must be avoided by others anyway. [Citation needed] Those invading most often come from valleys in the northern plateau. And east, most of which are limestone mountains, not as abundant as river basins And there are also those from the deserts of Syria and Arabia The story of this land is a story about civilization of many groups of people, not a story of civilization that continues for a long time, such as Egyptian civilization.

The first group that created the Mesopotamian civilization were the Sumers. Who invented the alphabet for the first time in the world The Sumer civilization created is an important foundation of Mesopotamian civilization, architecture, characters, other fine arts, as well as the attitudes to the life and gods of the Sumers. Existed and influenced in the two rivers throughout ancient times.


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