The Lanna Kingdom ( อาณาจักรล้านนา )

The Lanna Kingdom( อาณาจักรล้านนา )( LN-Lanna.png)

Where was The Lanna Kingdom?

-The Lanna Kingdom is current now in Northern Thailand including Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Lampang.

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-700 km North of Bankok

-1,200 km South of Myanmar’s border.

Capital city

-In 1259, Chian Saen was the 1st capital city of Lanna

-In 1262, Move to Chiang Rai

-In 1281, Move to Hariphunchai

-In 1286, Move to Wiang Kum Kam but they are a problem with floods, so they move to the last capital city.

-In 1296, Move to Chiang Mai

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Important person

-Founded Lanna by King Mangrai

-King Tilokarat built many important temples including Wat Ched Yot.

-King Kawilla retook Chiang Mai from Burmese

-Princess Darassami was a consort of King Rama V and helped unite the Kingdoms of Lanna and Siam

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Important dates

-In 1287 King Mangrai made peace with King Ngam Mueang and King Ramkhamheang.

-In 1441-1447 Ayuttaya-Lanna war

-In the 15th century, The golden age of Lanna

-In 1558, Burmese occupation of Lanna

-In the 17th century to 18th century Lanna people resisted Burmese rule

-1775 King Kawilla and Siam retook Lanna back from Burmese

-1775 Lanna join Siam

-1883 King Rama V thought that Queen Victoria of England will try to control of Lanna

-1886 King Chulalongkorn married Princes Dara Rasami

-1893 Lanna Become a part of Siam

-Lanna existed during the 13th century to the 18th century

-Lanna existed during the Sukhothai period, the Ayuttaya period, The Thonburi period and the Rattanakosin period.

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Meaning of Lanna

Lanna means the city of million rice field.

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