Parallel Lines (เศษส่วน)

What is Parallel Lines?

Parallel Lines are two lines that are always the same distance apart and never touch. In order for two lines to be parallel, they must be drawn in the same plane, a perfectly flat surface like a wall or sheet of paper. … Any line that has the same slope as the original will never intersect with it.Related image

What is Interior Angles?

Interior Angles is formed by two sides of the polygon that share an endpoint. For a simple polygon, regardless of whether it is convex or non-convex, this angle is called an interior angle if a point within the angle is in the interior of the polygon

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What Is Exterior Angles?

Exterior Angles Is formed by one side of the polygon and the extension of the adjacent side. For the hexagon shown at the left, <1 and <2 are exterior angles for that vertex. A convex polygon is defined as a polygon with all its interior angles less than 180°.

Image result for An exterior angle of a polygon is an angle outside the polygon formed by one of its sides and the extension of an adjacent side.


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