Scratch Project! The Human Heart Part 1

This post will guide you in your Scratch project. Read carefully!


Part 1: Customizing your Sprite

Part 1 will help you customize your Sprite.

Step 1: 

Change the title of your project from Untitled to The Human Heart your number then your class. See the photo below. Don’t forget to SHARE your project

Step 2: 

Go to Sprite List and add your Sprite.


If you want to start from nothing, click Paint.

Step 3: 

Start Customizing your Sprite.



Read the uses of the tools below. 

Make two Sprites. One without oxygen, One without oxygen.

Step 4: 

Make two costumes. This will animate your Sprite.


Select your Sprite and try to run the code below.

Step 5: 

Save your project and sign out.


Have fun!


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