Types of vertebrates and invertebrates

Hello friends. I’m going to tell you about the types of vertebrates and invertebrates.

Vertebrates are animals that have a backbone.

Invertebrates are animals that don’t have a backbone.

Backbone is the bone at the back.


5 example of vertebrates

1. Dog – species are from the wolf. It has a backbone too.



2. Crocodile – species are from the Sarcosuchus. It lives on land too.


   3. Bird – species are from the dinosaur.  It breathes with lungs.



4.Fish – species are from Jawless fish. It has scales.


5. Axolotl – species are from the hybrid animal. It breathes with gills.

5 example of invertebrates

1. Worm – Have a smooth body. Don’t have a backbone.



2. Starfish – Live in the sea. Can reproduction by asexual way.



3.Yellow tube sponge – The simplest animals on Earth. Live in the sea.



4.Immortal jellyfish – Never die. Live in deep ocean.


5.Snail – Don’t have legs. Have smooth skin.



Types of vertebrates

1. Mammals


2. Birds




3. Fish


4. Reptiles



5. Amphibians


Types of invertebrates


1. Sponges



2. Cnidarians

3. Echinoderms

4. Worms


5. Mollusks





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