Type of Virus

Type of Computer Virus

1.Spyware : It will remember your click or what you typing  Ex.If you longing Face Book it can remember your Face Book ID and Password and only the hacker that make the Spyware will the one that know what your doing.

2.Worms : It will make your computer slow and eat your computer memory  because it is a file that copy it’s self much much and never stop.

3.Virus : It will destroy all your file but remember Virus can not stay alone Virus will hide and stay with some of your file.

 4.Trojans : It will hacking and steal your file or sometime Trojans can control your computer Ex.Use your computer to hack other computer or website that you don’t know who doing and a admin of a website will think you hacking his website.

5.Email spam : It is a Email that want to know you personal information for use to do some thing not good Ex.Your give it your Email that can use to login Face Book and now hacker that wake that Email can login your Face Book now.

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