Unusual Troubles Day (U.T.D.)

              Unusual Troubles Day

   6 August    1945                                                    at school 8:00 O’clock

   8 November 1945 

3 kids und 1 normal person

At the morning C1 und C3 are playing football but C2 said “get outta here!!!”next C1 said “เก๋าหรอๆ”next he said sorrry to C2 und said”ผมรู้เท่าไม่ถึงการณ์”so however, they are finally friendly but one day there are have new game show so 3 kids was interested about this game show then they go to game show but they’re bad luck,why? because this game have to random question however they’re bad luck they got a hard question









so i will continued next time


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